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Nida Culture and Tourism Information Center "Agila" – advisor for your holiday in Neringa!


Visit us and we will:

  • introduce you to the places of interest, museums, galleries;
  • inform about various tourist attractions, cultural events, educational activities;
  • offer free tourist information brochures and maps of Neringa and neighboring regions;
  • provide suggestions for individual routes around Neringa;
  • help to choose the most suitable accommodation, and give you helpful tips on where to shop or eat;
  • offer to buy publications, souvenirs and other resort introducing goods;
  • provide free Internet access;

provide a printing service.


Tourism Information Center in Nida
Naglių str. 18E, Neringa, Nida
Tel. +370 469 52345
Mob. +370 674 97687
Mob. +370 682 14803


Opening hours:
II-VI 9:00 – 18:00 (lunch break 13:00-14:00)
VII-I closed


Tourism Information Center in Juodkrante
L. Rėzos str. 8B, Neringa, Juodkrantė
Tel. +370 469 53490
Mob. +370 618 62447

Opening hours:
II-VI 9:00 – 18:00 (lunch break 13:00-14:00)
VII-I closed



Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre “Agila” is an accredited cultural centre of the highest category, a member of the Association of Lithuanian Cultural Centres, which organizes:


  • Professional art events: exhibitions, concerts of classical and contemporary music, performances;
  • Community art events: performances for Neringa residents and guests are organized by 5 community art groups belonging to the centre: folklore ensemble “Giedružė” (art director A. Buržinskienė), women’s choir “Smiltatė” (art director V. Valys), country music band “Joldija” ( artistic director L. Vainutis), folk dance group “Kalnapušė” (artistic director R. Norvilienė), linear dance group “Dorė” (artistic director J. Survilienė). Over 100 residents of Neringa regularly participate in the activities of community art.
  • Educational events and “Cultural Passport” programs: ceramics, music, puppet theatre, contemporary dance and other activities for children and youth of all ages;
  • Film screenings: regular screenings of films by Lithuanian authors, films of the French film festival “Ecrans d'Hiver”, films of the International Film Festival “Baltic Wave”, Short Film Festival, films of the International Festival of Alternative Art “Compressed Time”.
  • Special events for Public holidays, commemorations, calendar holidays.





Folklore ensemble “GIEDRUŽĖ”

Leader: Audronė Buržinskienė
Mob. +370 616 00884


The folklore ensemble “Giedružė” opens the ethnic culture, customs of the fishermen and traditions of the coastal region to modern society, spreads the name of Martynas Liudvikas Rėza and performs his songs at various genres in Neringa, Lithuania and abroad. Folklore ensemble “Giedružė” has won the highest amateur art award in Lithuania “Golden Bird” and 1st category by grouping folklore groups into categories according to artistic level, activity, results. In 2015 the ensemble “Giedružė” was awarded Martynas Liudvikas Rėza Culture and Art Prize.

The folklore ensemble “Giedružė” formed in 2002 was named by the name of the dune near Nida. It‘s repertoire consists of L. Rėza, A. Juška, Ch. Barčo songs accompanied by Lithuanian kankles, the harp of Lithuania Minor, violin, lumzdelis, cymbals, bass and drum.

Authentic and enchanting with sincerity programs performed by the ensemble: “Kuršių kiemas”, “Legenda apie Neringą”, “Jočiau į žvejus”, “Iš trijų rytų vėjužis pūtė”, “Bėgau maružėm”, “Dirbysu laivą”, “Eina saulelė aplinkui dangų” vividly and artistically reflects the traditional lifestyle of the coastal region and it‘s fishermen.

Publishing: Life and traditions of the fishermen of the coastal region “Ten ant mararačių” DVD, “Iš trijų rytų vėjužis pūtė” CD.




Folk music band “JOLDIJA”

Leader: Laurynas Vainutis
Mob. +370 614 13343


From 1998 the performers of the folk music band “Joldija” play Lithuanian folk music, their own musical compositions, as well as Lithuanian and foreign composers’ music: lyrical romances, songs and bumpy polks, giving the audience fantastic emotions and a good mood. The slogan of the band is “Merry and from the heart!”

"Joldija" has earned the title of the most professional band, is a laureate of many festivals, competitions, national and international band festivals, and is a regular participant of Song Festivals. "Joldija" was awarded the highest amateur art award in Lithuania "Golden Bird". The band is rated the highest category, grouping folk music bands according to artistic level, activities, results. "Joldija" is a regular participant of the LRT TV show "Duokim garo", the winner of the 1st place in the final of this show, and also participates in other TV shows and projects.


Wide geography of the band's concert tours, starting in Neringa, continuing throughout Lithuania, foreign countries: Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Czech Republic, United States of America.

Publishing: “Yra laimė šiam pasauly” CD.




Folk dance group “KALNAPUŠĖ”

Leader: Taurūnas Baužas
Mob. +370 688 11781


The group of dancers came together in 2002, after the name of the tree that has stopped the sand blowing on the Curonian Spit - the green mountain pine. Realizing the power of dance in folk traditions, the people of Neringa enjoy the sense of harmony, elegance and good mood within the group members.

“Kalnapušė” actively participates in various national and international festivals, song festivals, projects created by Lithuanian television, presenting the dance, costumes and traditions of the Lithuania Minor region. Various programs have been performed in Germany, Hungary, Russia, Latvia, Chicago, the United States, Argentina, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, and the world exhibition EXPO 2012 in South Korea.

The group has won the highest amateur art award in Lithuania “Golden Bird” and 1st category by grouping folklore dance groups into categories according to artistic level, activity, results. “Kalnapušė” is the 1st place winner in the dance competition “Couple for a couple”. In cooperation with Šeiko Dance Company, the group participates in various contemporary dance performances.





Leader: Vytautas Valys
Mob. +370 610 68 440


“Smiltatė” is a women's choir that continues its long-term tradition, but at the same time renewed it. When creating the choir's repertoire, new forms of expression are constantly sought: both classical and popular (pop) music are sung, Lithuanian songs and works by foreign authors are performed. Arrangements for the choir are prepared not only by the composers, but also by the conductor Vytautas Valys himself, therefore “Smiltatė” stands out with the uniqueness of its repertoire.

The choir actively participates in competitions, gives concerts not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. By grouping the amateur choirs into categories according to their artistic level, activities and results, the choir was awarded category II.


Linear dance group “DORĖ”

Leader: Jurgita Survilienė
Mob. +370 615 67281


Formed in 2008 the linear dance group “Dorė” with original dance performances successfully participates in events in Neringa and other Lithuanian cities. In 2017 the linear dance group “Dorė” took the first place in the linear dance competition “Christmas stars”. The dance group annually participates in the international linear dance festival “Draugystės tiltas”. The group also performs in concerts of pop music artists in Neringa, participates in traditional city events: Neringa birthday, “Stintapūkis” celebration, commemoration events.


Events, organized by Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre “Agila”





The “Stintapūkis” Festival is a traditional mid-winter event held for the first time in Neringa in 2012. The main highlight of the festival is a cucumber-scented fish caught in the Curonian Lagoon. During the festival, the traditional ice fishing method “bumbinimas” – object of Lithuanian intangible cultural heritage – is reproduced and demonstrated.

“Bumbinimas” is an ancient method of fishing by local Curonians, where fish is caught with nets built under the ice. The fish were lured into the nets with the sound of wooden hammers being beaten on a board under the ice. Often, the fisherman accompanied that with the rythmic words “stinta pūki, stinta pūki, lysk į tinklą“, which determined the name of the festival.

“Stintapūkis” festival takes place in all settlements of the Curonian Spit, but the main events of the festival are hold in Nida in February. Guests of the festival are invited to taste fried, smoked smelts and other fish dishes. During the celebration, various educational activities, winter sports competitions and games are organized. An integral part of this celebration is the ice fishing “Nida Blizgė” competition and the “Ice Blokart” ice skating championship.






A merry spring fishermen's festival, the main highlight of which is a vimba fish fried on the fire. The time of the festival is chosen in the spring, when the vimba fish sail up the rivers from the Baltic Sea to spawn. At this time of year, as in the fall, these fish are among the most delicious. The fishermen of the Curonian Spit discuss the spring fishing season during “Žiobrinės” in late April and early May. Participants of the festival can fry a specially prepared fish and scraped it on a wooden stick. The festival is enriched by various performers, fishing games, interactive art classes, and a craft fair.

The festival is dedicated to the revival and nurturing of the old fishing traditions, the preservation of the culinary heritage.

Participants of the event are invited to attend competitions and attractions that reflect the traditions of the region, using stylized fishing gear.






Since 1998 The international folklore festival “Tek saulužė ant mararačių” is organized in Neringa every year and brings together fans of traditional and modern folklore, nature lovers and enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle, craftsmen and folk artists. A few days after the festival, which spreads to various parts of Neringa, the events invite to rejuvenate body and soul in innovative forest and gong bathing, sound massages, slow life lessons, nature observation trips, introducing to the work of ethnocultural folk artists and ethnographers.

Dozens of cultural events, educational workshops, health activities, concerts and other festive entertainment are crowned by St. John's Day in Nida on June 23.






“Baltic Wave” is the only international three Baltic states film festival in Lithuania organized by the Lithuanian Cinematographers’ Union, Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre “Agila” and Neringa City Municipality in cooperation with Latvian and Estonian Cinematographers' Unions, Lithuanian Cinema Centre, Latvian Cinema Centre, Estonian Film Institute, Estonian Cultural Foundation, Lithuanian Culture Council and AVAKA Audio-visual Copyright Association.

This project is important for all Baltic film lovers because of the opportunity to foster the historical, geopolitical and cultural community of the three Baltic neighbours through film art, to create traditions of mutual understanding, responsible neighbourhood, regional solidarity and opportunity to see Baltic films, to create a favourable environment for international cooperation. “Baltic Wave” festival provides an opportunity to see the most interesting and valuable feature, documentary and animated films of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and presents the cinema of the Baltic States as a unique cultural phenomenon. In addition to screenings of films from the three Baltic countries, the festival includes meetings with producers and discussions.







The traditional international painting plein air “Nida Expression” is organized in Nida since 1995. It continues the traditions of the expressionist Brücke (1905–1930) artists' colony in Nida. The first plein air in independent Lithuania, initiated by painter Saulius Kruopis, is held every year. Thousands of paintings have been created in Nida, some of which remain here.

The 25-year-old plein air aims to continue the centuries-old tradition of nurturing the history of Eastern European art, reflecting on the ideas of the Brücke (German) Manifesto Program to communicate and create together. “Anyone who freely and directly depicts what drives him to create can contribute to us”, - in 1906 announced the manifesto of the Dresden innovative group Brücke.

Elements of art, performing arts, music and images intertwine during the creative laboratory. The following forms of implementation of the activities have been selected: open demonstration of the creative process, presentation events of the artists' work, organization of educational creative programs for groups of children and adults, interactive social actions. The plein air is organized together with the artists' association “Tiltas”.






The birthday of the longest, most beautiful city in the westernmost part of the country is November 15, 1961. At that time, four settlements of the Curonian Spit - Pervalka, Preila, Juodkrantė and Nida - were merged into one administrative unit. The aim of this step was to develop the area as a resort.

In the cold season, residents of Neringa returns to the community. Neringa institutions and organizations, community art groups join together to make creative interpretations, to invite visitors, guests and lovers of the Curonian Spit to the festive concerts as well as to visit other attractions such as “Kuršių kiemas”, “Kitokia Neringa”. During the Neringa Birthday Celebration, the Youth Awards Ceremony takes place, presenting the most creative, innovative and talented youth of Neringa.






In winter Neringa, often called the corner of paradise, unfolds a special beauty, a romantic picture of fabulous nature. It reminds of a fairy tale - white pine trees, glowing lagoons, smoke from chimneys and the smell of smelt fish. However, it is not only for this reason that Neringa is a great direction for New Year's Eve.

On the evening of December 31, the old year is traditionally accompanied by a concert of professional music in Nida, where well-known stage masters perform.

Residents of Neringa, famous for their hospitality, traditionally entertain their guests on January 1st. On the first day of the New Year, everyone in the central square of Nida is served with fragrant fish soup.





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