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Neringa starts to creat „Snappy operas“


Children create and perform operas for children. Sounds incredible? During the project "Snappy opera" (lith. „Žaibo opera“), which started in Neringa, three operas for children will be created and staged in just a few months with all its elements - singers, musicians, direction and scenography.


"Snappy opera" is a 10-minute long children's opera for children, which tries to change the misconception that opera is a complicated musical genre. In her creative process, a playful, instant creative atmosphere is formed, using the operatic practices and methodology successfully operating at Mahogany Opera House in Great Britain, presented in Neringa by the artist Frederic Wake-Walker.


The idea to create Snappy operas in her hometown of Neringa and its neighborhood, Klaipėda, was given by the opera soloist Lauryna Bendžiūnaitė.


"Snappy opera" is an award-winning British arts education program for children. And we are the first to build snapp's outside of Britain", - opera soloist Lauryna Bendžiūnaitė told the weekly magazine "7 meno dienos". - My great wish was that the the first to experience them would be the children of the seaside. It is an opera that appears with the snap of your fingers and lasts only 10 minutes. In Lithuania we call it „Žaibo opera“, hence the name and hashtag #žaibopera. Professional directors, musicians, composers work with the little ones, there are all the elements needed for staging an opera. However, the main participant of this project, who dictates all conditions, is the child. There are no soloists in such an opera. It's a completely different way of writing, staging and performing opera."


The creative team of "Snappy Opera" in Lithuania is music director Vytautas Valys, director Evelina Šimelionė, libretto translator Virginijus Pupšys. The performers are pupils and teachers of Neringa Gymnasium, Neringa Art School, Klaipėda Vydūnas Gymnasium, Klaipėda Eduardas Balsys Gymnasium of Arts. The organizer of the project is Nida Culture and Tourism Information Center "Agila". The project is supported by Neringa municipality.


Photo author Edita Lubickaitė.




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