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Traveling on the custom route "Sculpturesque Neringa" you will get to know the sculptures in Neringa, the history of their origin, and their meanings. You will see not only the latest and most famous sculptures. For example, the "Sundial-calendar" on the Parnidis dune, which is the only place in Lithuania where you can watch the sun rise from the water and descend into the water.


As you travel further, you will see everyone's favorite "Neringa's chair". It is not only a sculpture, but also a place of contemplation. Along the route, you will also get to know unusual sculptures dedicated to animals. One of them is dedicated to the king of our forests, the moose. It is the most magnificent symbol of the forests of the Curonian Spit. It is said that if you rub a moose's muzzle, you will definitely see him in the forest.


As you walk along the central street of Nida, you will see a large bas-relief "Post Carriage" on the wall of the post office building. It was made in order to remember the history of the post - the European postal route that passed through the Curonian Spit.


After completing this route, fascinating by the knowledge about the history of Neringa's sculptures, you will feel a part of Neringa's history yourself!



Download the route map in PDF format




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